Tuesday, November 14th, 2000 | 00:09
love for K

I'm in a poetic mood, but I'm too lazy/uncreative to write new stuff right now. Settle.


Every single day

They go by

Like rain drops in the river

They don't mean a thing

They are all the same

Same fucking drops

Every single day


I can smell your disease

Slowly flowing through

Infecting me

Make me feel the way you do

Clean mind, dirty boy

Blackened days, waking nights

Clean girl, dirty thoughts

Wasted away to what you can see


I don't want to do this anymore

I can't stand the rain

I can't stand the memories

I can't stand the suicide sparkle

It just tempts me

Like the happiness

That sits on the horizon

Never getting any closer

You are my suicide moon

Forever distant

Forever gone


Shoot myself

To save myself

From the noose

That is my life

Come to my senses

Come to my funeral

Come see what I go through

Every day, follow me

Have fun in my head

Have fun in my hell

Laugh at it

The same way I do

And tear your insides to pieces

Because you know how I feel

Burned through the heart

By your own fucking head

But it doesn't mind

It's having fun

Playing the puppet

Forced to dance

I am your skewered heart

And your deviant mind

I am your mildly scarred flesh


My ordinary personality

Is hurting my chances

At a happy life

Battered and bruised

You didn't do it

Pick up the knife

And make yourself pretty

Make yourself happy

And tender again


Get better,

For the people that love you



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