Monday, November 27th, 2000 | 21:22
Rugburn smiles

I feel like shit. I'm not really in a bad (depressed) mood. Rather a bad (I'm damn stupid for eating Canadian pizza (Bacon, mushrooms, pepperoni) mood. I feel so disgusting and dirty.


Arguably the best/funniest word to hear to put you in a good mood: Rugburn



"You listen to what I hear, boy!"


I have too much work to do.


To anyone willingly voting for the CRAP (Alliance): I spit in your general direction.

I asked my mother who she voted for and she said Stockwell Day. I dropped my plate into the sink and (literally) screamed "WHAT?!?!?!"

She was kidding.

She gave me five consecutive heart attacks!


I like Kevin Cadogan.


Clarke and I have decided that there is a man, and he is super. He is an assassin and kills people by hitting them with his car. He runs them over and makes it look like an accident by killing himself as well. Though, because he is a "super-man" he can only be killed by�his own car and only if a brick (or a concrete substitute) is placed on the accelerator. He will not die if his car is driven by someone else nor if something other than a brick (or concrete substitute) is placed on the accelerator. He will also survive if it is not his own car. He is only a one-hit Whitman, however, as he has to kill himself to make it look like an accident.

The things youth talk about these days.


I ask everyone who reads this to submit their vote for favourite character in the Transformers' movie or the old TV show (.NOT the new Beast Wars/Beast Machines crap.) Everyone is eligible, even Unicron or the old guy in the jail cell next to Kup and Hotrod with the triangular-shaped head on the planet that Kup, Hotrod and the Dinobots (me Grimlock not nice dino, me Grimlock King!) crash-landed on after being attacked by Galvatron.



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