Tuesday, July 6th, 2004 | 21:18
Zubzub and all those things I remember.

I'm writing an entry in my underwear and a pair of black socks, drinking a beer and finishing my fourth and final bite of steak.
I had a fat day.
"P-H-A-T phat?" my mother asks.
"No mom, F-A-T." We were shopping for clothes. She sprung this on me, unsing the guise of running errands. I was entirely underdressed. Nothing makes me feel like a hideous slob more than attemping to buy new clothes while looking like a vagrant. (For future reference, six holes and a ripped pocket qualify you for vagrancy.)
I ended up buying a pair of green shorts and a nice pair of olive pants.
"Still with the same shopping experience, I fit into a pair of 31-sized jeans. Retrospectively, it makes me feel good."
I'm driving Sophia to her date and then I'm gonna swing by Jody's.
(And now, to be unnecessarily cruel, though I mean it only as playful ribbing.)
'Chandles says:
i know. "Date"? WTF?

Chandles says:

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