Sunday, December 3rd, 2000 | 23:06
relative hysterics

I'm listening to Third Eye Blind (self-titled) and it's making me better. It's really an amazing album.


My aunt (the one with MS who was always favoured over my mother and who is amazingly spoiled) called this evening. She was totally freaking out. I was able to understand "Please have your Susie (mom) call me NOW!" in between almost unbelievable sobs and whimpers. I didn't understand another word for more than a minute due to her hysterics. It was rather shocking to hear anyone so broken. I called my mom immediately (she was out to dinner at the McCarthy's) and (I assume) she called Aunt Abby. She even sounded worried this time. (My aunt has a tendency to exaggerate quite a bit, though this time she sounded so incredibly real.)


I got a cut my knuckle about a week ago and it still hasn't healed.


I woke you up and I slit the throat of your confidence´┐Ż

I'm the one for you

'cause I know all the dirty things you like to do

I'm the fear in your eyes

I'm the fire in your flies -Third Eye Blind (Thanks A Lot)


Every thought that I repent

There's another chip you haven't spent

And you're cashing them all in

Where do we begin

To get clean again

Can we get clean again

I walk home alone with you

And the mood you're born into

Sometimes you let me in

And I take it on the chin

I can't get clean again

I want to know

Can we get clean again

The God of Wine comes crashing though

The headlights of a car that

Took you farther than you thought you'd ever want to go

We can't get back again

She takes a drink and then she waits

The alcohol, it permeates

And soon the cells give way

And cancels out the day

I can't keep it all together

I know I can't keep it all together

And the siren's song that is your madness (I love that line)

Holds a truth I can't erase

All alone on your face

Every glamorous sunrise

Throws the planets out of whack

A fraudulent zodiac

And the God of Wine

Is crouched down in my room

You let me down

I said it

Now I'm going down

And you're not even around

And I say no

I can't keep it all together

I know I can't keep it all together

And there's a memory of a window

Looking through I see you

Searching for something

I could never give you

And there's someone who understands you

More than I do

A sadness I can't erase

All alone on your face -Third Eye Blind (God of Wine)



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