Tuesday, October 23rd, 2001 | 22:02
I'm averaging more than an entry a day.

It is the day after the "We Need More Communication" discussion, and I am Raymond K. Hessel. The sky was brighter, the air was cleaner and people were nicer (for the most part) than they have been in a while.


(Keep in mind during the following that there are two other computers in the house.)

Can I have the computer in ten minutes?

Your Humble Narrator:

You are always doing this to me.

Correction, you are always doing it to me. You can have it when I'm finished

Asshole, I want it in ten minutes.

Bitch, I want a million dollars.

*S complains to Mother downstairs*
*YHN is called down for questioning*
*YHN sits and types instead*


While posessed by the god of idiocy this afternoon, I called a world famous cellist Yo Ma Ma.


My dad finally made me a Volkswagen key.
New Dilemma: The Fox is in the shop. It was making funny clutch noises. Before bringing it in, he decided to clean it and accidentally ripped off the driver's side mirror, so those are being replaced as well.


"If you manage to re-incarnate Kurt Cobain, you deserve to see him in concert for your birthday."



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