Tuesday, June 17th, 2003 | 11:55
We are backing into the foreground.

I finished my last exam this morning. I know I passed with flying colours. Take that, equations!
I also scheduled a driving test for tomorrow morning. I'm motivated and overachieving.
I was playing frisbee with my brother last night in the middle of the road like we always do. The only thing different was the oncoming traffic on the left and the blind pedestrian with his elderly wife on the right. I stepped to the right but threw it high anyway. Maybe a little too high. Michael jumped too early and it sailed over his fingers and straight into the forehead of the blind man. He was fine. I apologised like "I'm sorry" were the only words I was ever taught.
Later, I tried to catch the disc while spinning around in the air. The karma hit me hard in the left side of my face.
I found Matt Good's History Teacher demos online. I put them on bitchin' looking cds and redeemed them for three trillion brownie points.

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