Monday, June 28th, 2004 | 5:31
One day, I'm going to look back on this really tiny handwriting and squint.

As I'm biking home, I pass a man with a bike and a guitar on his back.
"Late or early," I ask.
"Early," he replies.
Redundantly, I reply. "Early."
I was Fringing all day, save the hours I was at work.
There are holes in all the bottles and my lungs hurt.
I only drank three beers, though my third glass was graciously refilled four times. I was still 'the sober one', babysitting, in a sense.
Some people are so responsible, but I can learn to forgive.
Some people never quit, but I can learn to forgive.
I was utterly and obviously cockblocked, but I can learn to forgive.
I should get some sleep before I get up to volunteer in three and a half hours.
I'm Googling 'cockblocked definition' right now.
Lemon sorbet

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