Tuesday, July 24th, 2001 | 1:18
Hold on to your receptors, Perceptor.

With a little energeon, and a lot of luck. -Optimus Prime


I fixed the clock [and I now have a duck that quacks the hour, every hour, as well as every fifteen minutes. Imagine the sheer irritational potential].


Perceptor: Run Blaster! Save yourself!

Blaster: No way! Two can play.

........{internal minion fight}........

Perceptor: Do you suppose Prime received the transmission?

Blaster: I hope so, or else we're all gonna look like burnt out toaster ovens.

(-Blaster and Perceptor in the communications tower.)


I have that entire "Assault on Autobot City" scene on constant replay in my head lately. (and it doesn't bother me one bit.)


Autobot city to Moonbase One

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