Thursday, June 20th, 2002 | 20:45
"Sugar never tasted so good."

It's hard to rock out to the White Stripes and hold a mouse at the same time, so I'll keep this brief.
I bought my dad nintey-three dollars and eleven cents worth of symbolic wood and steel.
I was dropping off r�sum�s left and right today. (Heh heh.)
While I was at HMV, I picked up a White Stripes album. I meant to grab "White Blood Cells" but in a gaffe of personally epic proportions, I bought the self-titled album instead. I was ashamed and pissed off until I realized it rox my sox off. (Heh heh.) I'll still end up buying "White Blood Cells" eventually though. (Does someone want to buy me the Hip's "In Violet Light" ass-well? PLEEZ. It'll be worth it, I'm kewliez!)
So Damn Kewliez!

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