Monday, April 22nd, 2002 | 23:35
MSN help and spontaneous occular combustion

Fuck, my MSN Messenger crashed and keeps giving me a "not enough memory" excuse when I try to open it. I know damn well I have plenty of space left.
This has happened a handful of times before and when it did, I would delete the program and download it again. The problem this time is that it isn't available to download anymore.
So I cry out to you, Mac users, for help. Can anyone remedy the situation? (I'm running OS 8.6)
This evening, without any prior warning, my eye started to hurt. This wasn't any mild stinging though. It was full-fledged, holy-fuck-my-eyeball-is-going-to-burst-into-blue-flames burning. I had no explanation for it. I stuck my head near the window and held my open to cool it off. It fell out (stopped burning) after TEN FREAKIN' MINUTES!

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