Monday, March 12th, 2001 | 1:21
Well colour me hairless

Well colour me pre-pubescent. I shaved my legs (leg) tonight.

Reasons: Boredom, curiosity, as well as a test (all results relevant solely to me) to determine whether shaving legs (ankles, knees, etc) is harder than shaving a face (my female friends insist that legs are harder).

Subject: me

Hair: Dark, (damn) thick.

Previous leg shavings: zero

Razorblades to leg ratio: 2/1

Legs completely shaved: one

Nicks or cuts: zero

Skin: Baby smooth (it feels kinda numb, in a weird sorta way)

Legs to shave tomorrow: one


My mom was yelling at me when I got out (I had used all the hot water). I told her what I did and she yelled at me more. She called it "a crazy stunt for attention" and that I was "stupid for doing something like that." I told her she was dumber for doing it every day. I like winning arguments.


Without the hair, my thighs look huge.


The jury is still out on whether or not I will continue this. I'm placing my bet on "not", as it doesn't make any sense.


In conclusion, I think shaving my legs as no different from shaving my face, aside from a large amount of bodily contortion with the goal of not slicing the tendons (or something) behind your knees. If possible, I recommend abstaining from both. In the grand scheme of things (I like that expression), they are rather unnecessary.


In other news, my mom watched "Meet the Parents" tonight. I ran screaming before it started.

I told you so.



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