Monday, January 7th, 2002 | 18:46
Yammo A and Yammo B.

My idea of a good mood is taking a funny word, yam, for example, distorting it childishly (yam = yammo!), and placing it beside any noun you happen to mention in the next hour (yammo microwave!, yammo cat!, etc.). That same word (yammo!) can also take the place of any noun, as long as it is accompanied by an word describing said noun. For example, lasagna has cheese and therefore is transformed into Cheese Yammo!. My girlfriend is incredibly attractive. Consequently, she is temporarily renamed Sexy Yammo!.


In other news, I left my watch somewhere between English class and the bus stop.

Also, my binder bit me in Physics class today and I have a long and very painful paper cut on my right hand ring finger.


Oh, I almost forgot. Hey



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