Thursday, June 24th, 2004 | 22:51
The entry where I get drink champagne. A lot.

I finished high school today, certificate and all. Consequently, I'm eating cake and drinking champagne. A lot of champagne. I've got two bottles available and I'm too exhausted to do anything more physical than lift a glass to my lips, so my night is scheduled.
Disappointingly, it's Thursday and I still haven't done anything with Katie H. I have been busy but I will make the effort.
(This is where my internal monologue kicks in, disjointed as real thought.)
Too little to late. Really.
This will come as no consolation to too many.
I should have gone over to talk to her. shouldawouldacoulda.
She still drives me crazy every time I see her. I should know, but is it supposed to work this way?
I miss her, but isn't that the way it always works?

Maybe we'll be more than happy and maybe there's more than this. -Matthew Good Band (Second Sun)
I think I'm drunk. I don't know how appropriate that line was, but I like it so fuck you.

Definitely drunk.
I'm gonna go play Scrabble with my brother.
And I just choked on my on saliva.
Definitely. Drunk.
Yeah, so this is the part where I sum up the entry or type a random word I like. Either or, really.
You know the drill.

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