Thursday, January 18th, 2001 | 23:11
ABC delicious

"All my life, and this is what I amount to?" Before she knew it, Katherine stood on the crumbly ledge. Cautiously, she sat down and rested her back against the wall. "Does anyone know I'm out here?" she asked aloud, in her usual, mousy voice. Everything seemed so quiet. For a second, it seemed as though the whole world had died and left her alone, again.

"God, oh god, why couldn't it have been me, she sobbed." Her father had always told her to look to the skies whenever she was lonely.

"I will be there, and all you need to do is look and you will find me."

"Just go ahead, you stupid slut," she willed herself.

"Katherine�Katherine," the wind whistled beyond the edge. "Let it go, let it go." Morosely, she took a syringe and ziplock bag out of the little box she always kept in the breast pocket of her jacket. Never, not even after her seventh birthday, when her father finally died, had she felt so alone. Over the course of the next nine years, Katherine was exposed to the full brunt of her mother's cruelty, without the shield of her father's overpowering, yet kind demeanour. Pushed around relentlessly, Katherine looked desperately for any means to help her cope with her family life. Quite often she would contemplate suicide but never really thought about going through with it until a few weeks after she was introduced to "the remedy to all her problems", her heroin(e).

"Really, I shouldn't be giving it away like this, but since I know you so well, the first hit is on me." Simon had a smile that you could see right through, but at the same time, forced you to trust him. "This is the good stuff if I ever saw the shit," he said, winking playfully at Katherine all the while keeping the same look a wolf has when eyeing a fieldmouse. Under the spoon, Simon flicked a lighter and watched the snowy powder melt as Katherine carefully absorbed every action. Veins bulged all the way down his arm as Simon cut off the circulation with his belt and flexed a little. With a little discomfort, Katherine followed his lead. Xerosis surrounded Simon's arm like a sickening reminder of his demanding habit but Katherine barely had time to notice before she felt the wonderful disease invading her body, throwing it into a giant abyss of ecstasy. Yellow light from the candles placed about the room gave way to black nothingness as she faded into mental oblivion.

Zapping back to reality as she pushed the plunger, she felt the orgasmic rush of the heroin in her veins and fell forwards off the ledge.

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