Wednesday, March 24th, 2004 | 0:45
I intended to go to bed a long time ago.

I was re-organizing my cd's after my sister borrowed a dozen or so and replaced none in the proper order.
I can't find the case for Green Day's Nimrod and Jody has my Holly McNarland album, but I'm not worried.
What concerns me is that I can't find MGB's Last of the Ghetto Astronauts or Loser Anthems. If they aren't in the car, heads WILL roll.
While sitting in my room, I notice my four stacks of pictures, ordered only by the gods. The top picture in each pile from left to right:

1) Nat, new year's into 2000. She is wearing the light purple silk dress and still has all her long red hair.
2)Lily looking shocked in the foreground, Michael in the shadows of my hallway.
3)Kaitlin and Leanne kissing, new year's into 2002. Smiles all around and no regrets.
4)A black and white Joe smiling down at a piece of paper last June. He always had a baby's face.

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