Monday, February 21st, 2005 | 0:21
The story changes but all the endings are the same.

I saw Ray tonight and it completely blew me away. I was really impressed.
I think my nose is broken.
Maybe I'll take that early retirement package everyone at work has been talking about. I mean, I've got plenty of good years ahead of me, right? Why shouldn't I just retire, buy a yacht and lounge all day on the ocean with my grey-haired-but-still-looking-really-good-for-sixty trophy wife?
Oh yeah, THAT.

...And I need a good haircut.
I had no idea it was Sunday (I thought it was Tuesday for most of my conscious hours.) and I still managed to have a crummy, Sunday-type day. This proves that it isn't just my perception of the situation but that there is something fundamentally wrong with the last day of the week itself.
If only I ever did things.

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