Saturday, August 24th, 2002 | 13:09
At six feet under, roots wrap my adolescence like a blanket.

You know the part of my movie where I'm lying in bed, a few tears running off the bridge of my nose, and I'm thinking of all the things I should have said? Yeah, well Kaitlin left my house maybe two hours ago.

Playing Frisbee with Michael this evening, I threw it to where he had been standing ten seconds before. I told him I was perfectly accurate but just a little slow. The same thing applies here.

I think Hollywood should start a subsect of the Whiny Apathetic Teen. It would be called the Terminally Lucid Whiny Apathetic Teen. I would get all the roles because I am the only one. Anywhere.

I am going to Toronto tomorrow with Michael and Dad. I forsee a lot of moping being done. A LOT. When everything is all right that city gets me thinking, so when I do have something to think about, I'm pensive to the EXTREME. Do the Dew, Dude.

I think I just saw a meteor. On the rare occasion that I do see a shooting star, I like to wish for things that are going to happen anyway. That way, I won't be disappointed and I can still go on believing that my wishes actually make a difference.

The Audio of Being will get me through this. Holly McNarland will get me through this.
Things are going to be all right.
I wrote this at three this morning and wasn't going to post it.
I'll be back Wednesday afternoon.

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