Saturday, June 19th, 2004 | 3:07
Rhyming things with "Armenian leather."

Because it's never really a good time.
Watched a movie with Leanne tonight, before she goes away for the summer. It was cute and she was great as always. The greatest thing she said though was that I should, "Give Lily a call." Soon I'll have the courage.
Baby, it's been a while since I was your man.
I've been smoking more and eating less. Tonight, I finally started to feel it, to feel gorgeous and thin. I'm a little hungry but I hardly want to ruin this image by eating what I want.
Even Leanne noticed, though I suspect she might only have brought it up because I told her about my diet.
"You're so skinny," she said. "Sooo skinny! You should eat more." I told her I smoke less and eat more than some people think. I took her comments as compliments anyway.
Sophia can have all the degrees and all the money and the accolades. She can have the success; all I want is to be professionally beautiful.
I've been writing significantly more lately. The catch is I'm happy too. Strange thing, this is.
I'm going to get some Nutella and go to sleep. Without any drugs.

Before I go, I must record that I've been mixing up the order for my letters when writing these past few days. Really strange. A large PITA but I wonder if it might be a sign of dislexia.

Goodnight anyway.
I wrote it last night, intending to post but the server was busy.
I did end up eating Nutella on bread as I watched soccer highlights. It tasted good and it didn't ruin my mood either.
Today I watched Kill Bill with my brother and I went to the Fringe with Katie. We were civil and things were alright.
I've had a huge hankering to watch the entire Matrix trilogy lately. Ideally, I'd like to have a colossally vegetative string of days, inviting everyone I know and their monkey's uncle and burning out my DVD player with the Matrix, LOTR, Kill Bill and Back to the Future sets, as well as any other series fit for a Multi-Movie Spatula Spectaculah! I can smell it now. (The stench is incredible.)
Completely sentenced

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