Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004 | 22:23
Let's drive around or drink a banana.

When I'm searching the kitchen, looking for salty food to prevent a hangover, and I end up with, "BEER! Beer has salt. That's the answer," you'll know I'm drunk. Ten minutes ago was one of those times.
Today is fantastic. If I wake up in time for work tomorrow, tomorrow will be fantastic too.
Reading from the drunken book of logic, I found this little gem:
Teenagers use the things to do while doing things as the things to do.

I'd like to thank the Academy and Katie for writing it down.
I'm currently congested as hell. I think somebody dried my sweater with Bounce. Motherfucker.
Ania and the cd she sent me rock so hard it rolls.
I owe Katie big time for waking me up tomorrow. I owe her even bigger if I wake up.
Salsa dancing

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