Monday, December 18th, 2000 | 00:08
My mother says not to get blotto

So I got caught. I wasn't really expecting otherwise, just hoping. My mom freaked out, screaming "Where's the bottle? It couldn't have walked away by itself." I told her I didn't know where it was. I went back upstairs. About twenty minutes later, she called me into her room and asked whether I had it. I gave her a very plain "yes" and walked to my room, picked it up and gave it to her. There was about a tenth left. (Putting it into context, it was only a 250ml bottle (still a rather large amount of Absolute considering I get drunk of a beer and a bit.)) My mother and father gave me a very effective co-operative talk. They worked well together. I didn't hate them afterwards, nor did I hate myself. I just won't do it again (any time soon)


I saw What Women Want tonight. It was REALLY bad. Not as bad as Bubbles Galore, mind you, but still quite bad. And the people behind me talked though the whole thing. My mom turned around something like five times to tell them to shut up. And they both continuously kicked the back of my chair in retaliation for asking them to be courteous. People these days have no manners.



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