Tuesday, September 16th, 2003 | 23:43
"...but there isn't one that will ever bring them back again."

"It's the post nasal drip man. It's one of those days, kids. One of THOSE days."
I use the term rock-awesome (rawkawsome) in conversation because I am twelve years old. I tell people I'm twelve years old because I have horrible memories of the time and would like to relive it. I lie. I don't remember much of my thirteenth year on this planet but I do say things to fit in and be loved. Always for the admiration of my peers (and the benjamins would be so clich(Eugh-accent aigu!) that I'm not even going to mention it.). Figure that one out, motherfucker! Swearing makes me older.
Sometimes I get so much energy inside my brain that I could run a mile a minute. That is, if I didn't think I was so lazy. If I didn't, I'd get up and dance. Feeling and being as I do, I sit and I convulse. With the power of a dozen La-Z-chairs I do.
"It's me. I thought it was you but it's me."
Hirsute? You bet I wish I wasn't.
"...because if that is the way of things then my magnets and those of the sun must attract and repulse in equal measure and if not, then chaos and subsequent results..."
Tell me what this is from and I will love you forever but not really everever and not in the way I love my girl or even fuzzy yellow caterpillars. More accurately, I would be impressed and or grateful that you know what I love and or are smarter and more literate.
If you could give me the rest, then and only then will I truly be yours.
Her ring that I wear is fractured but mended. This is not the way we love one another.
Stick that in your pipe and go on thinking that hearing about that kind of thing is not nice or polite. I know I do.
Grow your hair and join the army. There are plenty of countries out there that don't think the way my western ass might. Places that need a little fuckin' discipline.
"Fifty ways" is really just an afterthought.

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