Monday, December 18th, 2000 | 23:11
Abortion thoughts and my mother

I love

The way

A disjointed thought

Can stop

A beating heart



The answer isn't

To be screwed up together

All the time


Esther says: *punches Joe in the ear*

Esther says: *right hook to Joe's lower jaw*

Shuriken says: *uppercut to Al's whipped ass*

Esther say *right elbow to the side of Joe's head*

Shuriken says: *steel-toed kick to al's knee*

Esther says: *places Joe's neck in his kneepit and crouches*

Shuriken says: *shoots al*

Esther says: that was creative!

Shuriken says: and that's the end of that

Esther says: *pulls the bullet out of his mouth*

Esther says: *hacks Joe's body to death with his sword*

Shuriken says: *shoots him in the stomach*

Shuriken says: *twice*





Dive in me -Nirvana (Dive)


"You loved and you lost. You are that much better than those who have never loved at all. Wait, no, that's not right. You are permanently screwed up. All those people who have never loved are so much happier. Fuck them" -my wonderful mother


You know how all those people say they're fucked up because their parents got divorced when they were young? I think I'm fucked up (aside from everything I've brought on myself and all the things my parents genes have brought upon me) because my parents are still together. I figure it gave me a twisted view of the way relationships are supposed to work. It's most likely also where my fetish´┐Żno, wrong word´┐Żpreference (that's it) to be dominated comes from. But I'll get into that another time.



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