Monday, September 8th, 2003 | 18:12
Trust me, I know what's best.

I am the baddest mofo there ever was. Lighting is 70% finished and maybe a little improved already.
Also, I am hungry and a super-chipmunk.
Taken from the margins of my agenda:
You are what you eat! === Loose Lips Sink Ships. === Assuming is for the wealthy! === Damaged students should be replaced. === I work the night shift. === Have your friends spayed or neutered. === Dang yo', fa sho! === Julia Ghoulia === Reading is the first step towards mind-control. === Eating is not permitted by the library. === There is no hope past being born an idiot-savant. Everyone knows that. === Organization is half the battle. Nepotism is the other. === We eventually learn it's not what you have, it's who you have trapped in your basement. === Suicide- the greatest cure for the common cold. Trust me. === Blind me with your love-gun. === The right machete goes a long way at a job interview. === Be as blunt as you like. Everyone is a robot. === All smokers are rapists and murderers. Social smokers are only arsonists. === Gibber gibber NO DIGGITY! === Expand your mind by controlling others. === You are always part of the problem. === P.I.A.P.N.A.E. 4 life. === Don't read articles, read captions. === Nothing you can do will ever be good enough. === Yelling makes you seem educated. === Oh I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Prostitute. === Slouch, Hunch and Drag Your Feet. === People love you for how much money you might have. === Sunny D is the greatest thing since purple stuff was just water. === Getting beat up makes less work for real policemen. === Prognosticators are rarely positive. === You cannot outsmart everyone all the time. === Masturbate often. It builds strength and character. === Over and over and over the mountaintops. === Stuffing, with cranberries and sausage. === I learn at a phenomenal rate. === Doctors and lawyers are better than you. === Infallibility is your greatest virtue. Also, If it's not porn, it will be.

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