Wednesday, December 20th, 2000 | 19:14
Today was good for all things poetic inside me

You see me so pretty

You think me so smart

You breathe me so healthy

My body your art


Hear it burn, crackling dry

Rivers slither along the side

Between the hills the creatures cry

Their homes removed and left to die

Steal the gold from the land

Strip it bare and burn it down

If you rip roots from the ground

It will all come back around

Glimmering hope lies in the land

Beneath the earth, under the sand

You aren't aware, but it's coming back

The life you stole, the sticky sap


Serves you right, you nervous bastard


And the beauty invades

Invades us all


Today will always be better

Than the hell you faced today


Sometimes you need scars

To help you remember

Teach me a lesson


Give me what I need

And I'll be the best

You have ever wanted



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