Thursday, April 1st, 2004 | 21:55
I need to chew my food better.

So calling people only took half an hour and I only got rudely hung up on once.

"Hi, is Amanda there?"
"No and don't call this late."
"I'm sorr..." *click*
It was 9:15 pm.
...but the little rocks from the river bed never washed into the sea. -Matthew Good (Endsong)
I could have gone to the Distillers' show tonight. I wish I did. I gave the ticket to my sister, as a symbol of goodwill. She probably won't appreciate it, but there is no point in bitching about it now.
Actually, I wish Katie was going instead. She deserves it more. (I'd give you hugs or touches or whatnot, but I wouldn't know where to grope. I'll see you soon, when you get better.)
Baseball: more boring than painting grass upside down and watching it grow as it dries.
I turned to her laughter and let her words linger. -Matthew Good (As Long As You're Mine)

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