Saturday, January 8th, 2005 | 10:25
The year is two thousand five, The evil Decepticons...

Christmas was a mostly underwhelming but the food was good.
New Year's Eve was alright. ("the willful breaking of convention"?)
My birthday was nice. It came with Birthday Turnips and an iPod.
I've been eating really unhealthily for the last few weeks and it has me feeling quite gross.
However, the top spot on my list of physical ailments is reserved for this terrible muscle pain on the left side of my back. It started yesterday at Ultimate (where I've been playing like a god lately, btw. Hammers are on target, I've discovered how to jump and my defence is Callahan-tastic!). Today, I'm useless as far as taking a deep breath or using my left arm.
That, and I have a gash on my schnoz that will probably scar. I took a disc to the face on Wednesday, while playing ferocious D. It didn't hurt then but it's a little tender now. I'll live.
I have a few other things to take care of but they can wait until I get back Wednesday-ish.
Later days.

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