Tuesday, December 12th, 2000 | 2:21
Are you as disappointed with me as I am?

I long to be dead

And swim with the fishes under the sea

They could swim through my head

And stop all the traffic jams -Matthew Good Band (Fated)


I can hear them

Talking in the real world

But they don't understand

That I'm happy in hell -Everclear (Heroin Girl)


I'm gonna get a new tattoo

Black and streching around me arm

I know it's stupid and immature

I just want to give shape to the face

That twists inside

Both you and me -Everclear (The Twistinside)


Sometimes I don't understand her...

She says Jesus owes her money

She says the angels are her friends

What the hell does that mean?

She's got the chemical smile -Everclear (Chemical Smile)


Swimming in the heavy watter

Buried in the sand

Happy hearts fall from my stupid hands

*you sing the rest* -Everclear (My Sexual Life)



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