Sunday, March 21st, 2004 | 13:35
"Dead men tell no lies! Let's go shopping!"

I am your nerd leader. You may call me Door-core.
While searching for the cause of the foul stench coming from the fridge, we found most of the crisper's contents liquified.

Dad: "Did any of the carrots survive?"
Michael: "No, they're all vegetables."

My gut was busted.
Toronto was... uneventful. Guelph was cold. The driving was fun.
And I'm going to have to suggest that I not volunteer myself for any three-wheeled situations in the future. It just ain't my cup of tea, love.
I finally got an interview at CHEO. It went well too. My fingers and toes are crossed but in the mean time, I dropped resumes like cluster bombs all over the 'hood.
Cute film and company.
I was standing in the middle of the field, watching the pull drift from my right. All I remember is turning around to the left, expecting it to land where it didn't. I kept spinning until Don picked it up. It runs a continuous loop in my mind.

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