Friday, December 29th, 2000 | 20:28
A Clockwork Orange before bed=funny pictures in my head

I saw Cassie on the 7 St. Laurent and we talked and we got along really well. She was wearing glasses and so was I. We got off at Montreal road and talked for a while. I think we made conversation about the beauty of the cemetery. Later, these big, Vanier-looking guys showed up wielding baseball bats and large pipes and such. They huddled for a bit and then started to move to each corner of the intersection, as well as each bus stop. I knew they were coming after me so I made a run for the Blockbuster Video. I made it inside. (Mental note: In an earlier dream last night, I got into a large barfight over a pool table with the leader of the group who is currently after me.) Inside the Blockbuster, I pleaded franticly for a phone amongst an unusually large group of people for a Blockbuster at five pm. I called home but no one answered. The answering machine kicked in. It was dad (MY dad, who is NEVER in any of my dreams.) and he had recorded some smart-ass message (oh, the irony) and I cried, but then he showed up (in his neon green winter coat) and asked what was going on, who they were, why they were after me, and what I wanted to do about it. After probably an hour or so, he convinced me that we could make it to the car if we ran. We got out the door and we were almost there when I looked back just in time to see the lead guy jump on my back (I remember running for the passenger side, but when I was on the ground, I could see that I was on the driver's side.). One guy held me down while the leader beat me. Dad came in and threw them off but he was then restrained by two of the other guys while I got pummelled in the back. (Thought: Before we ran from the video store, I remember seeing crowds of people gathered around each corner of the intersection and Dad telling me that there was a corpse on each corner. Somehow, he meant it as "They won't catch you because..." but I didn't understand.) Suddenly, I felt what I thought was a bomb blast. It hurt and someone said "Are you sure he's dead?" and then I felt another. They left but I kept my eyes closed, lying still for a little while anyway. After that, I have vague memories of a courtroom and then walking around some European city with narrow, cobblestone roads. And then I was back in Ottawa, in the movie store, and for some reason (haha) I thought I was dead and as a result, very relaxed. I didn't care how people saw me, as I was dead and they couldn't do a thing. (Note: Ghost (Swayze, Moore) was on tv a little while ago and I remember flicking past it.). I saw the leader of the group that beat me standing on the corner of the intersection outside, in front of the giant concrete ball. I opened the door, (the one that NEVER opens and is only there because they didn't know it was going to be a Blockbuster when they built it.) walked up to him and just as he turned around, decked him with a George-McFly-to-Bif kind of punch. I smiled and woke up and smiled.


-Typed like it was written at nine am preceded by a five am bedtime

-Cassie is a girl I went to school with in seventh and eighth grade. She was the new girl and everyone had a crush on her. She actually did wear glasses. I think we should have got along better.

-I do think that cemetery is beautiful.

-My dad can be quite funny sometimes.

-His coat is VERY bright.

-The bomb blasts were gunshots. One day on the bus home through Vanier, I saw some teenage kid tuck a silver handgun into the back of his belt.

-I think the city was somewhere in England.

-I think I like Ghost. It was a good movie.

-Back to the Future was even better (as were II and III).

-A Clockwork Orange before bed makes funny pictures in my head.



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