Friday, December 22nd, 2000 | 00:48
Plain noodles and that happy feeling

I just finished two bowls of plain spaghetti (no sauce, has been sitting on the counter for probably three hours or so) and am ready to write. I love pasta. No one else seems to like plain pasta. Or Irish Cream flavoured Italian Soda. But that's just fine with me.


I might just show up

At your door one day

And I'll let you in


I saw my psych today. He had the results of the MMPI test. It turns out I'm totally fucked up. Honest.

"Everything is way up. This is very strange." Above 70 in any category means there is a problem.

Apparently, I'm a depressed (85) extrovert (75ish) with issues about self-acceptance (I think it was somewhere in the 90s) and apparently I think I don't get enough recognition (70ish). The only things that were below average (50) were self-esteem (35ish) and susceptibility to alcoholism (didn't even register). The self-esteem was expected, but I figured I'd get at least 50 on the alcoholism section. Meh.

I'm a seriously fucked up adult but an almost normal adolescent angst-bubble


Keep in mind that all those figures were estimated from memory.


I have a funny feeling in my stomach. And it's not from the noodles. It's more like strong emotions manifesting themselves as shivers and a concrete stomach.



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