Monday, June 17th, 2002 | 1:00
When you stalk someone, make sure they aren't armed.

There is nothing scarier than driving down a dirt road not big enough for the car you are in, pushng past overhanging branches in the darkness with your useless high-beams on. Except when you end up in a marsh that could possibly be the home of a crazed axe murderer who always wears clean clothes because he has a washing machine and a generator.
It was cheaper than a movie.
I was driving down St. Laurent and what appears in my rear-view than a dark Toyota Sienna. I figure, "That is too...something." Lo and behold, it was my dad. Surprisingly, he didn't ask what I was doing out until midnight, because I'm a horrible liar.
I am very sleepy.
Transformers in the auditorium. And chances are you aren't invited.
I am going to have a party sometime this summer. In my ideal mingling space.
Drug Deal

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