Sunday, June 9th, 2002 | 18:18
"I'd need all the lucid thinking I could muster"

Feeling understood is a very effective aphrodisiac.
I'll bring my New Year's pictures on Monday.
In my first period class, there is a comic book cover posted on the wall that a student made a few years ago for a graphic design project. The title character is Turek the Terrorist. I am surprised it is still there.
My best friend Joe is GRIFFUN OF TEH WEKe
Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
Also, see: "Stick it up my brown?"
There is something horribly blasphemous about changing the lyrics to the Beatles' "Come Together" so that it's about Jesus Christ, Jon Marck's Lord and Saviour. No Beatles fan should stand for that. They were so much bigger than He was.
Whiz Bang says:
it was quite the peep show...i mean dance recital
They got nothing to lose. -Everclear (Southern Girls)

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