Tuesday, October 23rd, 2001 | );42
can I get a what what?

I am so sick of transparent excuses and the people that peddle them. Not that I'm completely innocent or anything. I'll be the first to step up and call myself a fucking hypocrite but honestly, when was the last time I passed up a chance to berate myself in the name of pity or actual self-doubt? Anyway, back to my original point.

I wrote the second paragraph and came back to this one only to lose my inspiration.


Stabbed through the heart by his own honesty. |

Maybe all we are is pop rocks and coke. |

Well fuck! That's the way I am. |


A turning point in the history of our relationship: Communication goes to Level 1 Priority status.


I really liked the entry Joe linked to.

In other Joe news, he asked me to hit him in the face. I owed him a punch, from the night I got drunk and had him punch me. We walked across the the street, fearing expulsion in the case that my fist induced hospitalisation. The actual punch suprised us both. It was right on target, for one, and had a lot more force on it than I figure I had in me. I wasn't expecting it to be very good as the last time I punched someone, I bent my elbow the wrong way and it hurt for a week. In closing, he asked me to.


I'm putting more time, effort and especially concentration into my entries lately (dating all the way back to yesterday!). For now, I'm happy with the results.



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