Saturday, November 24th, 2001 | 18:48

So I'm sitting there, thinking, "If I were achieving my full potential as a person, where would I be right now?" and feeling mighty not alright when it occurs to me that all I do is put the commas in the right places, and sometimes, I can't even do that right. So I bit my nails and threw a fit. Threw a shoe through a plate glass window where "the man" was sitting, waiting for Google hits to come to him in a dream so he could write bad poetry about parents getting divorced and looped it over a bad drum and bass track. Tired and bleeding is one of the more tiresome lines you will hear in a while. When meaningful words just take up space, you'll know you've found my place in life. Mmmmm, cancerous. Gang related Mendhi and the Marijuana dining party of four. In the vein of mol, vershnuken meshpap cournibod, el fizza to the wizza bizza.


"She's lump." -Presidents of the United States of America



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