Tuesday, January 16th, 2001 | 23:31
SFAAM, Vol 1: Learning How To Smile

I had an amazingly uneventful day, but now everything is going wrong. It's just the little things, but it's ALL the little things.

I was going to put some of the new pictures I got printed up on my wall, but I couldn't find tape, or the pictures.

My headphones work perfectly, but only in one ear, which creates a very irritating stereo effect.

I still can't find my fucking Everclear cd.

My English class is driving me insane.

I'm looking for a diary that I'm not even sure exists and I can't find it.

My fingers and toes have been numb all day

The music store was all out of my favourite brand of guitar strings so I bought the next best kind. They sound horrible. On top of that, the intonation is ALWAYS off. (Those ARE NOT related)

Ray Kurzweil is way beyond me.

My sister has been sick for the past two weeks, and uses it as an excuse not to do anything. Meanwhile, she still goes out skiing and gallivanting around with friends.

I have no one I can scream at right now.

I need a new record. Something good. Something I haven't heard before. Something I wasn't expecting.


I watched High Fidelity again last night. I love that movie to bits.


The first contestants name on Jeopardy tonight was C.W. It didn't stand for anything thought. On his birth certificate, he explained, it said C.W. Kids at school called him chicken wing.


I still can't find my cd.

My knee is in serious pain.

My mother is smoking in the house.

My sister is watching 60 minutes or 20/20 or something downstairs.

I don't want any fucking tea.

I want to run away. Somewhere almost familiar. Like your house. But you're sleeping.


I still can't find my cd. It's tearing at me (and my hair) so much that I think I'll have to go buy another copy, just to calm down.

My sister is lying in bed, coughing as loud as she fucking can. I want to go hit her.


I'm going to go watch Live! Tonight! Sold Out! Hopefully, it will calm me down. (Chances are, though, it's just gonna make me cry and I'll be in worse shape than before I watched it.)





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