Tuesday, April 24th, 2001 | 22:14
A There-are-way-too-many-hyphens-in-this-entry kind of entry

...Oh yeah? Well, I have your dick in a jar!


I just started reading Megaguy's diary (from the begining). I say hmmm.


Today's entry into the I-Was-Feeling-Like-A-Stupid-And-Destructive-Little-Kid category played out like so. I was playing Frisbee´┐Ż outside with my brother when it went flying into the hedges. While retreiving it, Michael found a water-retaining-golf-ball-sized boucy-ball. Using the hockey stick that had mysteriously appeared on my lawn, he began to whack it down the road. Thinking quickly, I ran inside and grabbed my old aluminum softball bat. We whirremeakored (def: Launched at missle-like speeds) it back and forth for tens and tens of minutes until, thinking it was an even better idea than shooting it straight at each other, I whirremeakored it REALLY high; so high that I lost sight of it. We both laughed hysterically until we heard an loud onomatopoeia that somewhat resembled a quick-moving object colliding with a barbecue, which caused us to laugh even more hysterically and run into the house. Inside, we giggled and giggled and giggled.


Sometimes, I'm as dumb as I look.



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