Thursday, August 2nd, 2001 | 18:28
Just another person bitching

There was an accident slowing traffic along every route I planned to take to get home today. I spent seventy-five minutes in a car (yelling) with my mother, touching the accelerator every three to five minutes. At one point, an ambulance was trying to get through. As it was making it's way towards us in the right lane, I pulled to the left to get out of its way. Being the Holder of All Knowledge in the Universe, she leans over to grab the wheel while shrieking about "ALWAYS PULLING TO THE RIGHT! THE RIGHT!!!" There were so many lines (and so many expletives) running around in my head they were almost pouring out my ears. The ambulance changed lanes and passed us on the left after I moved as far as I could, almost up the right sidewalk. Due to some magnificent feat of self-restraint, I avoided driving the bus (van) into the canal.


At driving school, the last thing we learned today was that if an emergency vehicle was coming up on your right, FOR GOD SAKES, MOVE TO THE LEFT!!!


I want to play The Game.


I am worth "exactly $1,636,130.00"


Gimme a second

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