Tuesday, July 20th, 2004 | 10:42
Half-pancakes are lame

I slept terribly last night. I conked out around 1:30 but popped back up at 4am with a vague sense of impending danger. Immediately prior, I dreamt I was housesitting for a very old woman who was making an extended stay out of a hospital visit.
I invited two friends to hangout in her '70s-decorated first floor apartment. We marvelled at the upholstery and pounced on her record collection. She had hundreds of 45's filling bookscases and they were all in terrible condition. Some were scratched, with torn sleeves but others had entire chunks missing. Somehow, we played the broken ones and they all sounded like death; spooky ambient music with drilling and grinding sounds thrown in for good cheer.
This is as far as I copied. I finished the entry and then accidentally hit the back button. When I tried to go forward, the server was busy. So an hour later, and because I just want to get this over with...
A cop showed up, scared us all. I woke up scared and paced my house for a while. I fell a sleep a half hour later under the watchful eye of my television.

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