Thursday, January 16th, 2003 | 21:38
I want to look good naked.

I found something while rifling through the recycle bin at CKCU. It's a big book of...anything written. Some satire, some serious stories, a few picture and poems. It's about ten years old, but the emotion still feels fresh.
The secret to successful socialization with other people is to always point out the direction the bunch of you are headed in. As you are walking down the street, say, "Hmm, it's three o'clock and by the sun's position I'd say we are headed South by Southwest." That way, some woman will like you, and marry you.
I know my self more than I let on.
God, I don't believe in.
Love, maybe.
Music, definitely.

I joined a gym.
But seriously, folks, I have horrible self-esteem.

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