Thursday, January 24th, 2002 | 19:22
And now the news. Don't touch that dial.

Sometimes (quite often, lately), I forget that if I know something, it doesn't just magically appear in writing here. (God help us all, I was almost tempted to write "hear")

So just in case I have forgotten to mention something:

- My mom moved into the house that my parents were renting out.
- Her boyfriend Steve moved with her. He doesn't have a job.
- It was the house I lived in until I was six. It is across the street from where I live now.
- I had my tonsils out two weeks ago.
- My sister had her wisdom teeth out four days ago. She looks like Jimmy Glick.
- I need a 67% on my society exam to pass the class. I don't study as much or as well as I should.
- I'm thinking of getting my hair cut or bleached or both.
- I want to look good or be thinner or both.
- My dinner is ready.
- My mom says she might be moving to Sweden. I think she's full of shit, but I wouldn't mind seeing her go anyway.


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