Wednesday, September 1st, 2004 | 18:09
Now if you will please excuse me, it's sunny outside.

I drink a Boost for breakfast/a Ensure for dizzert/Somebody ordered pancakes/I just sip the sizzurp.

Kanye West is awesome.
"He loves Jesus, but I won't let religion get in the way of a good song."
On top of The College Dropout, I also picked up Kid Koala's Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Jeff Buckley's Grace, all for under 55$. Kid Koala by itself was 28$. I found it four stores down for five bucks cheaper, so I returned the first one like a good capitalist, with absolutely no guff.
It was a productive day, all around.
Talk to work, coffee, music, condoms, deodorant, talk to night school, guitar strings.
It's a smiling shopping list when everything is finished.
Can't Nobody

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