Sunday, April 11th, 2004 | 2:04
Your presence makes my uncomfortable itch.

You found the vodka I left under your bed.
You found my naked body I left in your bed.
You found the toothpaste I left in my sink.
You won't believe what just happened.
I sneer like a dick I used to know. It's not healthy but neither is dating someone for three years without fucking the hell out of them at least once. Oops.
I have come to a conclusion.
I bleed out my face.
In the end, I will be fine.
I played well last night. Smart or something, to cop an expression. The disc hit me in the mouth, but you should have seen the other guy. I hurt my Achille's tendon too, pushing myslef (sic) to the wall. It turns out that large knot in my back was really a large bruise and the massage did nothing but hurt.
I still wouldn't trade it or your love for all the ess in Mississippi.
I don't sleep long, but is determined and concentrated.
Once, I was so mad at my parents, I walked a dozen blocks from home to eat at a McDonalds in the suburbs. I was badass. I spent my allowance money before they even considered any healthier choices.
Guild-lines and guide-wires

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