Monday, February 24th, 2003 | 19:02
Sometimes, I really can be a monster.

"Living organisms, especially humans, have a tendency to build things. Spiders build webs, birds build nests, and humans build skyscrapers, space shuttles and Ferris wheels." -From my chem textbook.
Take that, ya' mothafuckin' spiders! I'd like to see Tweety build a goddamn Ferris wheel! I am the Almighty Hu-Man! Hear me build things!
My muscles are so sore from the Matterhorn Matt tournament. I took a day off to sleep away the pain but it didn't do much good. When I picked up my dad this evening, he told me I was walking like Frankenstein. I told him to, "Grrrraaaaarrrgghhh!" and flailed my arms a little, then hobbled back to the car.
I have said a few words to my mother lately, but I haven't "spoken to her" in about two weeks. She held a grudge against her mother nearly until the funeral. I'll bet I can do better.
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