Monday, June 11th, 2001 | 23:30
And then I hit me

And then it hit me. It was the greatest idea of my life.

And then he hit me. I never thought he could be like that.

And then she hit me. She knew the dirty thoughts I was thinking.

And then He hit me. I was being a bad Believer.

And then they hit me. They saw I was different.


She had a name like April Spring but her mother called her Judy. She takes her clothes off for the Japanese. She says they're nicer than most would be...Well her hate is still prettier in person; prettier than words now, prettier than, prettier than me. You could sail beside the world tonight. -Matthew Good Band (Flashdance II)


Are you high now, crazy kids? -Matthew Good Band's "Loser Anthems" EP cover art (in Japanese)



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