Saturday, September 29th, 2001 | 10:35
I woke up allright

Chris Tucker and Marlon Brando star in Michael Jackson's short film.

Meat Loaf turned 54 on Thursday.


I dreamt a dream I think I had.

I was lying in bed, sometime around eight in the morning when my brother walked in, naked but covering his crotch with his left hand, and told me breakfast was ready. He grabbed a towel of my floor, wrapped it around his waist, and left. I got dressed and went downstairs. On my way, I saw Sophia and Michael playing five-year old shareware games online. I picked my plate of eggs and sausages off the counter and sat down on the couch. From the kitchen, my mother asked me to vacuum the carpet at the side door. I said I'd do it after my breakfast. She couldn't care less whether I was eating and started shrieking at me to "clean the carpet, or else". Iritated, I complied, semi-sulking all the way there. When I turned on the vacuum, and started moving shoes out of the way.
"What the hell are you doing?" she yelled. "You are messing everything up."
"I'm cleaning the side door," I replied.
"Why? It doesn't need to be done." I lost it. I just broke down. I was in the kitchen now, picking things off the shelves and throwing them all over the place as hard as I could. I was sobbing more than I had in ten years. When my mother came closer, I hit her in the back with an aerosol shoeshine bottle. She turned to go upstairs and I threw a handful of cold pasta noodles at her (the shell-shaped kind). I got no reaction so I screamed at her hysterically and was greeted with the same non-response. I ran to the couch, hyperventilating, and lay down on my stomach.


I can't remember the last time I had a tantrum.


I think a cast page would facilitate things.



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