Tuesday, October 5th, 2004 | 23:47
I'm just super-irked.

'Go on, take everything. Take everything. I want you to.'
So I head back into my night school class around eight-thirty. When I come out at ten, the front end and rear tire from my brand new fucking bike are gone. I found the handlebars on the lawn forty feet away but freezing my ass off didn't turn up anything else.
I had the entire bus ride home to stew about it and now I don't think I can gripe anymore.

Upon expressing my irritation with Diaryland traffic, Katie says, 'So at this point, you're not so angry that your bike was stolen as you are that you can't go online and tell the internet about it?'
A: Pretty much.

It was funny at the time.
A girl from my class showed up online and asked 'What up'? I told her what happened.

- STARFUCKERS--You're so vain i bet you think this song is about you DONT YOU DONT YOU says: (11:30:08 PM)
shit....so r u still gonna bike to schl or?

The whole planet is doomed.

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