Sunday, November 26th, 2000 | 15:16
Sunday is lazy day

I missed the bus again last night. This time I missed it by 45 minutes, mind you. It only costs15.65$ and having to put up with really funny smells to get home from Leanne's house. Thought there was also the fact that the driver really couldn't drive that well. He had no idea whatsoever what the white, dotted lines on the road were for. And he drove fast. He was keeping up with an ambulance until we got to a red (Ah! Microsoft seems to think that I should capitalise colours!) light and the ambulance kept going. Strange guy. And he gave himself a tip. The meter read 15.65$. I gave him a 20 dollar bill. He gave me two loonies. (That sounds so ridiculous. Why can't call our currency something respectable?) I didn't figure that he had already given himself a tip, (How rude!) so I gave the guy a dollar in a state of ecstasy (the emotion, not the drug) -induced idiocy. That is three dollars and forty-five cents more than he was due. Now, I'm taking math next semester, but that is something near thirty percent, is it not?

Damn scheming cabbies.


Ani Difranco - Gravel

Ani DiFranco-Little Plastic Castle

The Beatles-Yesterday

The Black Crows-She Talks To Angels

Blur-End of a Century



Bush-Insect Kin





Bush-Warm Machine

Everclear-Southern Girls

Foo Fighters-Aurora

Green Day-Prosthetic Head

Incubus-Make Yourself (Acoustic Version)


Matthew Good Band-Fated

Matthew Good Band-Everything Is Automatic

Matthew Good Band-Symbolistic White Walls

Nine Inch Nails-Hurt

Nirvana-Clean Up Before She Comes

Nirvana-Even In His Youth

Nirvana-Here She Comes Now



Nirvana-Verse Chorus Verse

Pink Floyd-Is Anybody Out There

Queens Of The Stone Age-The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret

Queens Of The Stone Age-Quick and To The Pointless

Radiohead-Creep (Acoustic Version)


The Rolling Stones-Time Is On My Side


Silverchair-Out of Tune

Silverchair-Suicidal Dream

Smashing Pumpkins-Disarm

Smashing Pumpkins-Today

Sublime-Wrong Way

Sublime-What I Got

Third Eye Blind-Slow Motion (with words)


Because I know you care, that was my mp3 playlist. It's always on shuffle. I can normally get through 3/4 of the songs in one sitting.


I spend way too much time on the computer.


We need a second phone line desperately.


I hate Stockwell Day and his "basic Canadian values".



Has anyone looked outside (if you live in Ottawa (If you don't know where that is, look it up in an atlas. (You'll be that much smarter.))) today? Everything is covered in ice. (It's like d�ja vu all over again.) There is no way I'm going outside today. (because you know I always go out on Sundays. (I can see the sarcasm dripping off of that one. (I've left the house once on Sunday in the past 6 weeks. (In case you weren't sure why that was funny.))))


I feel that paragraph was worthy to be deemed parenthesesalicious



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