Saturday, February 17th, 2001 | 23:46
another saturday night

I haven't started any of the homework that I had planned to because�

Before she left, my mom said that since I was staying home, I could have a drink or two. I haven't because�

I wanted to go rent a movie. I haven't because�

Right now, I want to ride the buses aimlessly. I'm not because�

I am sitting at home on a Saturday night because�


Tell me


I've been reading random emails accumulated over the years. Apparently, I have a tendency to skim as I have been consistently finding things that I had no idea were written at all. Some are pleasant surprises and some are not so pleasant.


My mother was at the bakery to pick up a cake as a nice little gift for a Sweet Sixteen party that a few girls were having at her spa. While there, she decided to pick up another cake for her family. On the rice paper in the centre, she had the baker write "Bon Voyage Lazlo." When she got home, she proceeded to tell the story of how the people who ordered the cake didn't show up at the 10am pick-up time and since they had limited freezer space, it was on sale and she bought it.

My mother is a genius.


I do not like the song Last Resort by Papa Roach.

I do like people who look out for my well-being and call me milquetoast (look it up (I had to)).

I don't like the fact that there is nothing good on tv on Saturday nights until Saturday Night Live.

I do like Little Plastic Castle by Ani DiFranco.

I don't like it when the nut of my acoustic guitar pops off while I am in the midst of changing the strings the way it did today.

I do like falling asleep with someone I love and then waking up with their arms still around me.

I do not like widescreen movies adapted for tv. (A Few Good Men (I have never seen it) was on TBS tonight. I would have watched it but it was shot in widescreen and to adapt it for tv, the network just zoomed in on the film (or something similar). The problem with this is that sometimes there would be something important in the little space cut off on either side and to fix this, the camera would pan left or right, depending on the situation, which created shifty scenes that irritated me to the point where I couldn't watch it.)

I do like Silverchair

I do not like Jennifer Lopez.


I just realized that the index finger on my right hand is considerably shorter than its left-handed counterpart.

This is the kind of thing that will fascinate me for hours.


The other day, someone who doesn't particularly like me said, "I'd like to see your face in a blender." It made me laugh out loud and repeat it over and over to everyone I saw. It was one of the best lines I've ever heard.

She's not very nice. I don't like her very much.


I still have an hour to kill before SNL starts.


I never made it to my soccer game. I wasn't sure whether or not I was going until I checked the schedule at 14:45 and found out the game was supposed to start at 15:00


Sometimes, you are told things that make so much sense that you don't listen at all.


If grammar rules were suddenly changed and periods were supposed to be placed at the beginning of the sentence, the one millimetre difference would drive me crazy.


My sneezes have become increasingly violent in the last little while.


I feel like going to church. Any church (almost). I just want to sit there and watch.


Last night I had a (morbid and occasionally violent) dream where I crashed SUVs and WWII fighter planes. Apparently, my subconscious thinks that Clarke is a bad driver, Ford Explorers are very durable, and that Sugar Coma by Hole is a good (road trip) song. I also just figured out that I (as well as my subconscious) think I am invincible. An adolescent who thinks he is indestructible: what an original concept!


Thought that just dawned on me: I could use bleach to write on a shirt!

Thought 2, the sequel: I should shave my sideburns

Thought 3, final chapter in the trilogy of thoughts: I want to do something creative with my hair.


I have fourteen people on my MSN messenger list. I talk regularly to four of them. My brother has fifty-five people on his list and talks regularly to twenty-seven of them. At 12, he is four years younger and infinitely cooler than I am.

I was reading over his shoulder and when his girlfriend had to go, she typed something like "I (picture of a heart) u". He replied with "luv u tu". It was one of the cutest (and most illiterate) things I've ever seen my brother do (say, write). I forced me to remember all the way back to when I was his age and I said the exact same thing to my "girlfriend". Looking back, it was so empty, but I was content at the time.


I have successfully killed my evening and am ready to watch SNL.



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