Thursday, October 19th, 2006 | 23:31
So I had a pretty good night too.

So I went to see some slam poetry tonight and in between girls dropping words like "aggregate" in casual stage banter I heards some amazing shiz.
By the end, I wasn't blown away or moved to tears; all I wanted to do was ride bikes. Fast. Which is better than being speechless or crying because it was so beautiful anyway. Seeing passionate people speak passionate words about things they love made me want to do something I love.
And I did.
I raced this girl. Her automobile versus my bicycle. My house back to the bar.
I flew like the wind. The lights were nearly all with me. The ones that weren't were blown through at the speed of your imagination. (Yeah, that fuckin' fast.)
I got to the front doors just in time for her to pull up beside me.
"How'd you do do that?"
"It's 'cause I'm friggin' magic."
I gmap-ed it. The race was 3km and change. FYI

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