Sunday, January 19th, 2004 | 0:09
Let's blow ourselves up with nuclear veepers.

I've been giving the idea of getting something permanently stained in between layers of my skin an increasing amount of brain-time lately, despite my nausea-inducing fear of being poked, proded or similarly stabbed with even sterilized metal.
Pi on the forehead was maybe a little bit much. I entertained getting it finely around my right forearm but then had a vision where I became unfortunately obsessed and it consumed my entire arm and then my body. I am also concerned about how it will fade and lose definition as I wrinkle and shrivel and droop.
I thought of the visual emission spectrum for aluminum down my spine but disappointingly realized it would convey a significantly more homosexual agenda than my bisexual body is interested in.

So c'mon people now, whaddaya think?

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